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For more than 24 years, Partner International has created the ideal professional network, and has continued to strengthen its global connections with presence in more than 26 countries. Partner International has orchestrated powerful and successful business partnerships and transactions, by making use of its broad scope of connectivity in a cost effective manner.

For the Partner International team actions speak louder than words, therefore Partner International has developed the resources to enable your growth. The global Partner International team is highly specialized and comes from a variety of educational and industry backgrounds. Team members can provide services in several languages and include PhDs, MDs, Engineers, and MBAs.

Partner International’s global team of experts has secured transactions totaling in the billions of dollars, and is uniting people and improving business globally. With more than 45,000 companies in its proprietary network — including senior executives, decision makers, CEOs, VPs, and government leaders — Partner International can leverage its relationships with industry easily and efficiently.

If you want a highly specialized group of industry experts to help you achieve your goals, make Partner International your outsourced business development provider.

Latest Engagements


Partner International has been mandated by a Multi-National Big Pharma to manage the divestment of a North American based manufacturing facility, along with a marketed cardiovascular asset. Within the first weeks of engagement, Partner International contacted more than 3,000 potential buyers and is currently in negotiations.

Licensing & Distribution

Partner International is representing a leading Middle Eastern pharmaceutical distributor. Partner International is securing agreements with international companies seeking product commercialization and representation in the Middle East – we have direct presence in the growing markets of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, and Iraq, as well as strategic alliances in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait.

New Customer Acquisition

An unparalleled Contract Manufacturer has engaged Partner International to identify and secure new customers for their parenteral manufacturing capabilities, utilizing their tailored controlled release drug delivery technology.