In the life sciences sector, Partner International achieves results for clients ranging from small and large biotech firms to large multinational pharmaceutical companies, including contract research and manufacturing. We are highly experienced with all therapeutic areas, including drugs, diagnostics, vaccines and medical devices, and our international team of industry experts has led both buy- and sell-side transactions in markets around the world.

Our ocean technology, marine and defence activity ranges from start-up suppliers and manufacturers to prime contractors and OEMs, independent airports and military contractors. We have developed industrial and regional benefits (IRB)/offset plans for Crown procurements, crafted bid capture strategies, and assembled winning bid teams. Our marine clients are involved in all aspects of marine and ocean technology from shipbuilding to marine communications, seafloor mapping and naval architecture.

In our advisory activities, Partner International has a proven track record of delivering strategic planning, stakeholder consultation and industry/economic development, as well as analysis of research and commercial capacity to governments and regulators. We've worked extensively at all levels, drawing on our well-respected team of advisory and policy experts.

We pride ourselves in providing testimonials from all of our clients.