Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestiture

We make connections. With a network of experts that spans every market, Partner International can secure transactions that unlock value. Locating potential acquirers and partners means looking beyond the usual suspects. Our network extends to more than 45,000 contacts and connections, and we are always building our proprietary repository of business intelligence, ready to hit the ground running when a deal needs to be done. We take on the delicate negotiations that mergers and acquisitions require, acting with the skill and discretion of our over 24 years in business.

Partner International. We make deals happen.


We provide experienced, expert management at every step of the process. By having Partner International guide your licensing initiatives, you can be assured of securing the best deal at the best price. Acting as a confidential intermediary, we can represent your interests to potential licensing partners, based on our established track record of successful licensing deals. Our network of industry specialists can represent your best interests, giving you the position of strength in negotiations with potential partners.

Partner International. The catalyst to license your assets.

Strategic Partnerships

Building profitable partnerships is what we do. We work with you to develop successful partnerships for co-development, strategic partnering, distribution, and licensing. Our international team scours the globe, searching for the perfect partners for your technology or platform. We then stay at your side managing every phase of the relationship. It takes years to build the on-the-ground network of contacts we have across the globe. Let our expertise connect you with the best.

Partner International. Building your connections across the globe.

New Customer Acquisition

Partner International can expand your search and access, with local industry knowledge in every market. Powered by our industry knowledge, we can leverage our relationships to secure new business globally. Don’t let the job of seeking out new business overwhelm you — enlist Partner International as your trusted pathfinder.

Partner International. New markets. New customers. New successes.


We identify, qualify, and secure distribution networks for our clients worldwide.We can also evaluate and manage the performance of agents and distributors. Don’t let distribution be an obstacle to success — Partner International turns distribution challenges into business results.

With a multi-lingual team of seasoned industry experts, Partner International brings together an on-the-ground presence with a high-level strategic approach.

Partner International. Securing the best distribution agreements worldwide.

Due Diligence & Valuation

Assessing your business’ potential value requires a blend of subject-matter expertise and market knowledge. With a team drawn from the senior ranks of business and research, Partner International can bring a fresh, knowledgeable and objective viewpoint to existing business and new ventures. Reviewing clinical results, gauging market potential, reviewing existing analogues and comparative deals, and mapping out manufacturing and distribution are all part of our knowledge-driven approach to valuation. Partner International is able to apply various valuation methods, depending on your specific needs.

Partner International. Trust, objectivity, and rigour.

Latest Engagements


Partner International has been mandated by a Multi-National Big Pharma to manage the divestment of a North American based manufacturing facility, along with a marketed cardiovascular asset. Within the first weeks of engagement, Partner International contacted more than 3,000 potential buyers and is currently in negotiations.

Licensing & Distribution

Partner International is representing a leading Middle Eastern pharmaceutical distributor. Partner International is securing agreements with international companies seeking product commercialization and representation in the Middle East – we have direct presence in the growing markets of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, and Iraq, as well as strategic alliances in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait.

New Customer Acquisition

An unparalleled Contract Manufacturer has engaged Partner International to identify and secure new customers for their parenteral manufacturing capabilities, utilizing their tailored controlled release drug delivery technology.