The ocean technology, marine, and defence industries are global markets, and to succeed companies in this sector need global connections. By outsourcing your business development to Partner International, you gain access to a multi-national, multi-lingual team with offices in Canada, United States, Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia. By providing our clients the connection to a network of key industry figures around the world, Partner International can accelerate your business and corporate development efforts.

Our team of experts comes with years of experience in marine industries, ocean technology, aerospace, defence, and related technology sectors, ranging from Admirals, Generals, and industry executives. We have executed mandates for both private sector and public sector clients from SMEs to OEMs, and from industry associations to government agencies.

From a private sector view, Partner International can provide new business acquisition support, industrial and technological benefits assessment and strategy, competitive intelligence gathering and analysis, bid preparation, market analysis and development, market research, conference and trade show participation, international business development, partner and strategic alliance development.

From the public sector view, Partner International has extensive expertise on a wide range of topics including: strategic planning - development and implementation, sector analysis and study, export and trade development, economic development, human resources management, and cluster development.